About us

Shah Dental Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and cutting-edge dental laboratory based in New Delhi, India. Shah Dental has been operating since 1981 and is known as a dental laboratory that produces quality work within committed timeframe.
Our customer-friendly approach and quality-centric practices make us the most favored dental laboratory of dental practitioners in India and abroad.
We have the most advanced dental laboratory infrastructure, highly trained dental laboratory staff, best practices and a committed management to make sure that dental patients walk away with a warm smile every time.

Our Skills & Knowledge

Shah Dental Pvt. Ltd. is a dental laboratory that boasts of highly skilled and talented laboratory technicians. We make it a constant effort to upgrade our skills from time to time and bring in latest in dental technologies into our fold.
Here are some of the Dental qualification courses done in different fields of dentistry:

  • Ceramic Work (training) courses done by Ivoclar (Switzerland)
  • Ceramic courses by Dentsply
  • Cast Partial Dental courses from West Germany
  • Courses in Sterilization Protocols and Laboratory Interface and Communication for dental implants.
  • Ceramco 3 course in 2002 by Dentsply
  • Valplast Flexible Partial Denture Course by NY USA
  • Course by India Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry in Gold to Porcelain technique
Course by International Centre for Dental Education in IPS E. Max Ceram / IPS e max

Our Infrastructure

Shah Dental is a high-tech and modern dental laboratory. Our infrastructure and our able technicians make it possible for us to achieve greater success and accuracy in the production of dental laboratory products. We are proud to have the latest machinery in Dentistry along with technicians who are trained to use them to the fullest. Here are some of the highlights of our dental laboratory infrastructure.

  • We have machinery from West Germany - We started our job Chrome Cobalt partial denture plate crowns and bridge for denture work with highly trained technicians.
  • In 1987, we introduced PFM work with computerized furnace (Vita) using Germany based machinery & technology with the help of Iranian technician group.
  • Now we are venturing into 3m Lava Zirconia Dental wings Zirconia / Flexi denture work and DPS denture with Ivoclar Switzerland based machinery.
  • We have:
    1. 2 Milling Machines, 1 Lava 3M, 2 Roland
    2. 3 Scanners [ 1 Lava + Dental Wings Lava]
    3. BPS denture machine from Ivoclar Switzerland
    4. Flexi denture from West Germany
    5. Fully automatic Casting Machine from Germany
    6. We are using high quality materials, such as Vita, Bego, Ivoclar and 3M Lava


Our Vision

Dental treatments are yet to reach millions around the world. We at Shah Dental Pvt. Ltd. are committed to join dental practitioners around the world in bringing relief to patients with the latest in Dentistry, such as Lava and Zirconia scanning and designing job.

In this globalized world, it is our intention to spread our wings and reach out to the world, and we are making sincere efforts in this direction. We are investing in expanding our dental laboratory operations globally. We would request your cooperation in this endeavor. We welcome your queries and interest in any way possible. To learn more about our capabilities, please visit the Products and Services section.

Rajiv Chowdhry

Founder and CEO, Shah Dental Pvt. Ltd

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