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We are using high quality material like VITA, Bego / Ivoclar, 3M Lava under one roof at our dental laboratory.

3M Lava Translucent - 15 Year Warranty

  • High Translucency
  • High Strength of 1400+ Mpa
  • Substructure available in 5 shades
  • Supplied via 3M licensed Milling Centers
  • The warranty card will contain a genuine 3M Authentication Label


ZIRCONIA (White pick block Germany) - 5 YEAR Warranty

  • lifetime warranty on zirconium
  • zirconium blanks Copran  Zr® Made in Germany“ manufactured in Germany
  • exclusively made from raw materials of Tosoh / Japan, world market leader for zirconium dioxides
  • continuous research and development of innovative products
  • wide variety of products as zirconium blanks in high strength natural white, precolored in classic  Vita shades, high translucency and extreme translucency
  • zirconium coloring liquids in 16 classic shades and painting liquids in effect shades, margin shades and classic dentin shades
  • blanks in chrome-cobalt, titanium grade 2, 4 and grade 5, CE certified PA blanks in clear for splints and dentin shades for "unbreakable" restorations.
  • CAD/CAM systems, CNC machines, scanners, CAD and CAM software


Zirconia Monolith - 5 Year Warranty

New all-ceramic, CAD/CAM-fabricated crowns and bridges are unbreakable and less expensive than traditional full-coverage PFM restorations.

Every type of full-coverage restoration, from single unit to the classic roundhouse, has been fabricated using the workhorse of modern dental practice, the porcelain-fused-to-metal crown (PFM).1 When full coverage is required, the PFM has become the restoration of choice for most dentists. A new all-ceramic, CAD/CAM-fabricated, inexpensive, and unbreakable dental crown may be ready to replace the traditional PFM without any change in clinicians’ current full-coverage armamentarium or techniques.


Porcelain Normal Crown & Bridge (PFM)

Porcelain Normal Crown & Bridge (PFM)


Porcelain VITA 3D Crown & Bridge (PFM)

These Dental PFM-Porcelain Fused to Cobalt-Chrome Alloy crown and bridges have been used in dentistry for years. We are proud to offer a wide range of options in both porcelain and metal selection.Our accurate production process ensures great aesthetic and optimum functional occlusal surfaces on all our PFM cases.

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